Dear God,

Life with You is an adventure that we wouldn’t trade for anything else.

You showed us that You delight in our partnership, and You revealed to us the magnitude of Your inheritance that’s ours for the taking. By Your grace, and the growth of our relationship, we’re motivated and driven by passion.  A passion that You, God, instilled in us.

Nonetheless, as much as we’re ashamed to admit this, sometimes we get so caught up in the adrenaline, the rush to stay ahead, and the anticipation to see the fruits of our labor, that we get drained, bitter, and we look to you as if you brought us to this state.

That’s when we know, that we had run ahead of you.

There’s a time to hardworking like Martha, but we always want to remember that Mary got it right. Our heart’s position should always be at the feet of Your throne.

With a heart of repentance, we humble ourselves again. And we’re here to admire You for all that You are.

You are extraordinary, yet eager to be understood in the ordinary. (Hebrews 1:3) Eager for us to be aware of your sustaining care. Earnest for us to experience You in the mundane. Knowing that the mundane is nothing less than a miracle that we’ve gotten used to.

Hypocrites we are, that in times of trouble we’ll cry out to You, and yet still fail to respect You in our daily affairs?

You are faithful. Always have, always will be. Never have we, and never will we see you fail. (Joshua 21:45)You’re never slow nor late to deliver your promises, how dare we even fear that you will? On the flip side, thank you for not being disappointed when we mess up; thank you for forgiving us during the times weve projected the anger of our disappointments towards You.

Hypocrites we are, for saying that we trust You before taking matters into our own hands.  What a relief it is, to know that our mishaps won’t affect Your plan.

You are my master, and yet You call us a masterpiece? (Ephesians 2:10) Technically, the latter has to be true if we believe in the former but it is still hard to believe You see our flaws and stayed. How can You, look at the filth of our past, present, and still say that Your love for us is immeasurable?

You said that You fashioned us in your image, teach us, Lord, to live in accordance to Your design. We want to be more like You. And perhaps, that’s why we needed to know how weak we are. For that is the realization we need to hold on to You as our pillar of strength.

You are perfect, and yet you allow us to be real with you. (Psalm 17:6). You remind us that Your thoughts are way better, and yet You still desire to listen to the expression of our mind. You remind us that our path is destined, and still give us the free will to plan?

We understand, that You want us to plan, and in so develop courage to take steps of faith, for Your Word says faith without action is dead. Teach us to see how every step taken requires a deeper level of dependence and surrender.

You are our saviour, and our father. What a privilege it is, to call the saviour of the world our Father (2 Corinthians 6:18). You’re not a hero who rescues before disappearing into the mist. You rescued us, adopted us as Your own, and spoke life into our lost souls. Your promises are not sweet nothings, Your promises are not just properly crafted words to protect Your reputation nor are they politically words to address situations. They are real, they are created out of love. Created because You are worthy, created for Your glory, created because You love me.

You are holy. You are to be feared (Psalms 47:2). It was said that no man shall listen to your voice and live, and maybe that’s why You often speak to us through whispers. And with this privilege, how dare we listen to Your word and not obey? How dare we push aside Your gentle nudges to satisfy our own empty desires?

What grace is this, that throughout the times our pride told us that we are enough, and the times our shame told us to give up, you still stayed.

What grace is this, that when we turn away, You offer us Your gift of grace again and again. What Grace is this, that you would find us in a mess, and still embrace us back in a heartbeat.

Lord, the core of our desire is to pursue Your heart.  Let all our sacrificial service humble us, let every step of faith give us a deeper understanding of Your Passion. Give us the courage to take ownership in Your name and humility to surrender our possessions into Your hands. Remind us that You have ultimate authority over this partnership. Remind us that You have the first and last say.

Let our contentment not come from the adrenaline of accomplishments, but let it come from the privilege of intimacy, partnership and the pleasing of Your name.


No matter how ‘spiritually mature’ you think you are, never lose sight of the magnificence of God. The basic nature of God that we all know by heart, is nothing short of a mind-blowing truth that we will never be able to fully comprehend. And what a joy it is to know, that it is a truth that will continually be revealed to us as we nurture, guard and deepen our walk with Him.


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