Have you ever felt stressed when you receive good feedback?

Thoughts like:

What if this is the best that I can do?” or “What if my future work don’t live up to this?” starts to flood your head and you start to wonder why you’re feeling so much stress after receiving a good comment on your work.

The truth is – If we’re always feeling inadequate, there’s probably a thought pattern that we have to change. Because, if we remember that our source of creativity is from God our Creator, then we shouldn’t be worried that “ideas” will ever run out!

Creativity here does not only include the “artsy fartsy” things, it includes problem solving skills as well.

In other words, if we’re always worried – could it be that we’re relying on our capability or “kind of” underestimating what God can do? (ouch)

Watch this if you can relate!

What are some weird things that makes you stress/anxious? 

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