“Not all who are opposing you are against you, sometimes,
they’re just against the patterns of your thoughts.”

In the movie Gemini Man, Henry Brogan was trying to convince Junior, that Clay was lying to him this whole time. But Junior was convinced that Henry was just trying to distract him from his assignment.

And with that example, I’ve learnt that help, can come in packages that we fail to recognize.

Help can look like its trying to destroy/mess with your plans,
Help will look like its on a mission to break you.
Help can become hard to receive because in a world that’s so crazy
you grew up  learning how to protect yourself.

But what happens when you realize that you became your own enemy, who then is going to save you from hurting yourself?

Because just like Junior, you can be on top of your game externally and still be broken inside.

You’re afraid to get quiet, cause you know you can’t find peace. You don’t wanna get curious about your pain, cause it makes you feel weakr. But if you’re never questioned your beliefs, you’ll become vulnarable to attack.

You see, an unquestioned belief system is dangerous because it is a way of life that we absorb without making a conscious choice. Usually these beliefs are shaped from the environment that nurtured us, or the authoritative figures in our lives.

But if the core of your belief system is only structured for survival, then you are not living in freedom.

Let me remind you that you are a thinking, feeling and choosing being. If you feel stuck, don’t get comfortable in your dysfunction

With the power to choose, you can choose to say NO.

The process of thinking and choosing is the most powerful thing in the universe after God, and it is a phenomenal gift from God. You have the power to make choices for yourself, you have the power to say “I am not living like this anymore”. You have the permission to come out of the prison cell, because when Jesus died on the cross for us, he broke every chain that was holding you down. He is the key to your freedom

Trust me, there is a better life ahead of you as you allow yourself to walk away from the safety net you’ve created within your dysfunction

Embrace your pain, listen to your cry, and believe that there is a good God in heaven that wants to restore the true love and true identity back into you.

But outside of your comfort zone lies principles, ways of life, real love and true identity that’s awaiting your discovery.

Help can feel like its slowing you down, but maybe that’s what you need. Because if you’re gonna fight well in this life, you need to know who you’re really against. 

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