Testimony by Alexandrea Chan, Malaysia.

This is part 2 of my story, if you’d like to read part 1, it’s here!

After I finished IGCSE in November 2016, I started my diploma in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia. I was keen in Hospitality Management so I applied for it, but during that period, my skin doctor disapproved of me pursuing this programme. My hopes just fell. I felt lost because I did not know what other programmes would be suitable for me. 

The administration staff who attended to me throughout this whole process recommended a new programme to me called Diploma in Communication and Media Studies. Thinking that there is still hope to continue my studies, I reluctantly chose this programme just to replace Hospitality Management.

An Excitement I Did Not Expect

I started class at the end of May in 2018, and who knew that it would be fun! Class by class, semester by semester, it was so exciting as I got to learn new courses and through the constant guidance and coaching from the lecturers, my interest eventually developed in them. I am personally very thankful to God for the lecturers who favoured me throughout these two years. They were always here for me, not only academically but whenever I needed help in other areas.

Friendships Vs Assignments

In class, of course there will be friendships, and its tensions. 

In Year Two, there were two conflicts between one of the Batch 2 girls and I, over an assignment. We did not see nor talk for four days. I was stressed out during those few weeks because there were several end-semester tests and concerning the conflict, the other two girls always sided her and I felt like I was “alone”. 

It was a real struggle and I felt my test marks were deteriorating. However, I thank God for close friends whom I could pour out to, near or far. In addition, I had lots of “me” time to think of all that had happened and asking Him what I should do in all the frustration.

Through the hardships and difficult moments, I have learned several lessons within the two years of diploma.

1. Don’t compare and compete

I learned not to compete and compare with others in terms of grades, marks and CGPA. Whenever I hear of a friend who has achieved a higher grade than me, I would mull and eventually realise that there is no point comparing, because my friends are not responsible to get my desired marks or CGPA for me. And that I should be happy for them!

2. Don’t criticize yourself

I should not reproach myself, even though I did not get the mark I was aiming for. If it was a failure, I have to learn from it instead of getting angry and blaming myself because it will not do me any good but will make me feel worse. At the end of the day, I still gave my best.

3. Confront the issue, not the person

Conflicts are unpleasant. However, I have learned to confront the issue and not the person. 

Confronting the person might just make the situation worse. On the other hand, confronting the issue would enable both parties to solve the problem in a more amicable manner. I didn’t want the problem to linger, so I felt that both parties should resolve the issue as soon as possible. In connection to that, I kept thinking of Matthew 5:9. Who should initiate the reconciliation? 

Eventually, God’s love helped me to understand that regardless of whether I was in the wrong or not, I can be the bigger person by choosing to be the peacemaker. I thank God for His conviction for me to do the right thing.

After picking up the courage to be the peacemaker, everything went back to normal. My junior and I cleared the air and were on talking terms then. When it was solved, I personally felt so much better. 

All things turn out for the good.

After those incidents, I prayed and asked God for confidence as finals were approaching. Finals finally came and I was nervous because the subjects were difficult and they were not my forte. I just committed everything to Him and also kept Philippians 4:6-7 in mind, knowing that I have placed my trust in Him. 

Paper by paper, finals ended and results were finally released. Not to boast, but I was surprised to receive good results (not only for this particular semester) but for the other semesters as well. It was amazing to see how God worked in my life during this struggling time. 

This whole issue tested my faith and made me realise that I cannot rely on my own strength to solve it. From this experience, I have learned that success comes when you learn to trust and commit your plans to God. To those who are in college or may enter college life, know that you are not alone. Through the ups and downs of the stress of assignments and tests, do not worry too much. God can turn any situation 360 degrees for the good. Be ensured that God will always be with you to guide you because He loves you very much. Blessings.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
Matthew 5:9 

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7

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